Success of the 10 years Nansen Neuroscience Lectures

Today, the 12th Oct. 2020, two NO-Age international members Prof. Ragnhildur Þóra Káradóttir from the University of Cambridge (UK) and Háskoli Íslands (University of Iceland, Iceland), and Prof. Lene Juel Rasmussen from the University of Copenhagen (Denmark) delivered their lectures in the 10th Nansen Neuroscience Lecture digitally. While Prof. Ragnhildur Þóra Káradóttir gave a lecture on “Myelin plasticity – a mechanism of learning and brain repair”, Prof. Lene Rasmussen emphasized “Healthy Brain Aging: understand and intervene”. The lectures were very well accepted, highlighting a continued 10 years success of the Nansen Neuroscience Lecture Series, hosted by the two NO-Age founding members Profs. Linda Hildegard Bergersen and Jon Storm-Mathisen.

Video of the 10th Nansen Neuroscience meeting: here

Details of the 9th Nansen Neuroscience Lecture by Asso. Prof. Morten Scheibye-Knudsen from the University of Copenhagen (NO-Age International Member): here
Details of the 8th Nansen Neuroscience Lecture by Prof. Coleen T. Murphy from Princeton University (NO-Age International Member): here

Opening by Prof. Hans Petter Graver, President of The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters 
Introduction of Prof. Ragnhildur Þóra Káradóttir by Prof. Linda Hildegard Bergersen, University of Oslo
Prof. Jon Storm-Mathisen is moderating the Discussion and Questions section after Prof. Lene Juel Rasmussen´s lecture
Standing in front of the portrait of Dr. Fridtjof Nansen (the biggest portrait on the wall): A ´smiling´ group photo to memorize the big success of the 10th and the 10-year Nansen Neuroscience Lecture Series

All photos taken by Evandro F. Fang

Images: Left from, right Evandro Fang.
Image: Evandro Fang


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