Why NO-Age?

We aim to be a Norwegian integrated, interdisciplinary, world-leading centre for human ageing research, with a translational goal to empower people to live longer, healthier, and more meaningful lives. We are ambitious to train highly competitive young ageing researchers through the recruitment of brilliant minds, providing unrivalled education in ageing research, and to set them free to create world-changing ideas in aging and health. We are a big team constitutes of both basic researchers and clinicians which enables us to have close contact with healthy elderly as well as elderly with common diseases, such as neurodegeneration, cardiovascular diseases, oral diseases, among others. We aim to transform our knowledge to the society to make the elderly live happier, healthier, and longer.

NO-Age owes its excellence in research and gerontological care to the generosity of its benefactors.

Impact of giving

As the first Norwegian Ageing Centre, we aim to perform the foremost research in ageing. We aim to working with the Norwegian elderly with a final goal to develop novel preventional/interventional strategies to improve the quality of the life in the elderly. But first we need to ask generous donations from the world to support us to perform the best anti-ageing research.

Same as research funding, benefaction from philanthropists is a key for the success of NO-Age, ensuring us to perform the most challenging but big impact research questions, and to enable us to develop interventional/therapeutic approaches for the elderly, and to improve the quality of the life in the elderly, in Norway and around the world.

Please contact us through CONTACT or directly to Prof. Linda Hildegard Bergersen ( or Prof. Hilde Nilsen (h.l.nilsen@medisin.uio.nofor donations. 

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