The NO-Age Centre is founded on the integration and synergy of multidisciplinary ageing researchers, interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research and comprehensive clinical links through the hospitals: The Akershus University Hospital (Ahus), The Telemark Hospital, and the Aldring og helse – Nasjonal kompetansetjeneste (Norwegian National Advisory Unit on Ageing and Health). The NO-Age team comprises an ‘International Advisory Board’, a ‘team of multi-disciplinary members’, and a ‘group of user/patient representatives’.

The ‘International Advisory Board’ consists of international leaders in the broad ageing research fields. The involvement of international network members will maximize an international influence and reputation of the NO-Age Centre. Our ‘team of multi-disciplinary members’ includes members from the UiO, the Oslo University Hospital (OUH), local hospitals and several international leading ageing researchers, with expertise that covers basic aging research and clinical aging research, as well as drug development and clinical trials, among others.  We are fortunate to have several excellent female scientists in our team. We are dedicated to Patient/User involvement, and will invite representatives from the Norwegian Parliament, the Norwegian elderly cohort, and the health care media.

The team and the organizational structure have been made with prudence and much deliberation to ensure the achievement of our mission: ‘A Norwegian integrated, interdisciplinary, world-class centre for human ageing research, with a final goal to empower people to live longer, healthier, and more meaningful lives’.   

Abbreviations: UiO, University of Oslo; Ahus, Akershus University Hospital; OUH, Oslo University Hospital; AHNCS, Norwegian National Advisory Unit on Ageing and Health.; UCPH, University of Copenhagen; ULC, University College London; SYSU, Sun Yat-sen University; NIPH, Norwegian Institute of Public Health; NTNU, The Norwegian University of Science and Technology, FCI, Francis Crick Institute; UiB, University of Bergen; HUH, Haukeland University Hospital; UCL, University College London; KCL, King’s College London.

Photos: from each PI’s institution(s) or provided by the PI(s).

New members in the ‘No-Age’ network will be updated periodically.

Introduction of User representatives

Kjetil Liknes (
Mr. Liknes works at Hønefoss, Norway as a Healthcare practitioner with expertise lies in Laser Phototherapy / Photobiomodulation. He has a passion in understanding the mechanisms of diseases and is willing to improve the quality of health in the general population in Norway.  He is closely working with NO-Age to give comments and feedbacks regarding the focuses and activities of NO-Age in the user representative perspective. He is interested to disseminate the scientific knowledge from NO-Age in layman’s language to the general population.  

Marko Katajisto (marko.katajisto[at]
Marko’s passion is to enable positive change, inspire people to grow and learn new things. He works as a coach and enterprise architect in Finland. He can be described as a creative problem solver with a techie and human approach. Cross-scientific collaboration, fresh out-side-in viewpoints and new energy are his five cents for this community. Marko’s mom Leena was diagnosed with AD in beginning of 2019. This activated him to be proactive, contact and finally join the group and realize the importance of this mission. He is willing to contribute and to find a creative solution for aging related challenges and discover new areas of interest as well as well being. 
Hobbies: Music production, Trecking in the forest, Floorball, Reading, Self development, Friends and family <3 

Eirik Lyngdal (eirik.lyngdal[at]
Mr. Eirik Lyngdal is 36 years old and live at Fornebu outside Oslo. He was diagnosed with the premature aging disease Werner syndrome in April 2018. He works as a senior advisor in the Norwegian police, where his major tasks focuses on communication and change management. He loves being active and likes to exercise. His favorite activities include cyclin, running and skiing. Additionally, he enjoys traveling and often does so when the opportunity arises. He is always up to date on the news and knows what is going on both in his local community but also at a national and international level. He is very happy to know that research on Werner syndrome is ongoing and excited about what it will show in the coming years.

Sigurd Annexstad Mølmann and Christine Mølmann Annexstad (sigurd_annexstad[at]; annexstad[at]
Ms. Sigurd Annexstad Mølmann and Mr. Christine Mølmann Annexstad are the son and daughter of Ms. Annikken Annexstad who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease (AD) at a young age of 53 in 2016. Annikken is a former local politician and community debater. Annikken has had a strong desire to contribute to openness around AD, something Sigurd and Christine have become a voice of. They wrote a book on dementia, named “Brain failure” – highlighting an in dire need of new care and therapy for dementia, with this book scheduled to publish by Fagbokforlaget in 2021. Sigurd and Christine hold media assignments for the National Association for Public Health and take course assignments for relatives.

Christine is 38 years old, holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Social Security and Preparedness. She commenced a Master in Social Security and Terrorism Studies. She has several years of experience in crisis preparedness and crisis communication. She lives in Tromsø and has a son of two and a half years. Sigurd is 23 years old, lives in Tromsø at the moment. He was a former amateur boxer and lived in the United States for several years. He is starting his Bachelor degree in Psychology or Philosophy in the Fall of 2020. He is interested in and concerned on brain function, as well as how proper diet and physical activity affect cognition.

Knut Patrick (email: kantarellgrenda[at]
Knut Patrick is a 29 year old man from Oslo. His main interest is history, but when he does not have his nose inside a history book he is usually outside playing with his camera. He comes from a family of doctors and has a strong, healthy, belief regarding medical science. In Knut Patrick’s family several members has gotten to be 85-100 years old this has slowly lead to a developed interest regarding aging from a medical perspective and he believes aging, as a whole, would be cure able in the future. Knut Patrick has previously contributed on science regarding genetics, he likes to contribute in all kind of progress that is for the greater good and sees by supporting No-Age as a way of doing so. He likes to shares No-Age scientific work with the public and tries to make younger generations interested in anti-aging science.

Arnt-børge Jensen (email: arnt_borge.jensen[at]
Arnt-Børge bor i Nord-Norge i byen Harstad. Han arbeider som ingeniør i et firma og liker tekniske utfordringer. Interessen for å være med som “User representative” kom etter at et nært familie-medlem ble syk med diagnosen Alzheimer demens. Han er interessert i å følge den videre forskning og utvikling som skjer innenfor denne sykdommen. Han ser frem til utviklingen som kommer i fremtiden som kan gi flere gode år for befolkningen som rammes av sykdommen. Fritidsinteresser er fotball, ski og SUP-brett. I tillegg er det en stor lidenskap å lage gode måltider på kjøkkenet.

Arnt-Børge lives in northern Norway in the city of Harstad. He works as an engineer in a company and likes technical challenges. The interest in joining as a “User representative” came after a close family member became ill with the diagnosis Alzheimer’s dementia. He is interested in following the further research and development that is taking place within this disease. He looks forward to the development that comes in the future that can provide more good years for the population affected by the disease. Hobbies are football, skiing and SUP boards. In addition, it is a great passion to make good meals in the kitchen.

Our ‘User Committee’ member Mr. Eirik Lyngdal visits Ahus to meet with the scientists Dr. Sofie Lautrup and Mr. Ruben Gudmundsrud, and discuss on research discoveries made by these scientists. (Photo: Evandro F. Fang)