New journal important in the realm of NO-Age and NO-AD

NO-Age co-founder, Jon Storm-Mathisen, has been appointed member of the Editorial Board of the new journal “FUNCTION” EISSN 2633-8823 (, published by Oxford University Press (a department of the University of Oxford) on behalf of the American Physiological Society (APS), which has several high impact journals ( FUNCTION has already published interesting articles in the fields of NO-Age and NO-AD.

FUNCTION aims to be a highly selective journal, publishing major advances that extend understanding of function and disease. It is an open-access platform for researchers in basic, translational, and clinical sciences ( The journal is committed to providing authors a final decision after the initial review, even if some revisions are requested, thus reducing the burden of “reviewer experiments”. Generally, papers in FUNCTION only go through a single revision round. The mean time from submission to the decision point (at the end of the first review round) was 16.3 days and time from acceptance to final publication was 1.1 months (2020) (

Each ‘Research Article’ is accompanied by a ‘Perspectives’ (commentary). Opportunities are provided for authors to present their findings at meetings of the APS. Innovative article types include ‘Function Focus’, which are short articles that report an important and timely new observation, without the full exploration required for a full paper. ‘Evidence Reviews’ provide an in-depth analysis of a particular field, quoting only original papers (

You are invited to submit your best work!

Submission site:

Cover image: from the journal FUNCTION.

Recent issue: Volume 4, Issue 2, 2023

Professor Jon Storm-Mathisen is a world renowned leader on the studies of the anatomy and functions of the brain. He has been awarded many prizes, including the Anders Jahres’ major medical prize for 2006 (News Photo: Ola Sæther


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