Yuletide Greetings

Yuletide Greetings 2020 from NO-Age!

17th Dec 2020

Dear NO-Age Network Members!

This is the season of preparing for the great getting-together-feast, celebrated at winter solstice for times eternal – at Yuletide as it was called in Old Norse and Old English. Not this year, due to – you all know what. 

In spite of the pandemic, NO-Age has been able to keep up network activity – extensively using Zoom format. For example, the 4th NO-Age Symposium, due 30rd April, had to be cancelled. But was successfully organized in digital form on 3rd December (In case if you missed it, here you can find the recorded videos here ).  Evandro is busy sending out invitations to numerous digital meetings also for 2021 (a list of forthcoming talks; if you are interested to give a talk or to nominate speaker candidates, please do).

Nevertheless, the unusual situation has taught us some lessons that may be to advantage, in spite of all delays and losses. Eventually, we believe that 2021 will bring us back to normal, meeting in vivo vaccinated, with travel and work unhampered by regulations. ​

To symbolize this, we are sending you pictures of a double-decker-bus, crowded with people in Yuletide snow (oil painting by Linda Hildegard Bergersen), and a Christmas rose (Helleborus niger (L.)), in December blossom forecasting the the brighter times ahead.

We thank everybody for your contributions and wish you all the best for the Christmas and the New Year,

Linda Hildegard Bergersen, Evandro Fei Fang, Hilde Loge Nilsen, Jon Storm-Mathisen


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