NO-Age researchers uncover a new mechanism of Parkinson disease

An international collaborative work between NO-Age co-founder Prof. Hilde Nilsen (UiO and Ahus, Norway) and NO-Age international member Prof. N. Tavernarakis (University of Crete, Greece) uncover a new mechanism of neurodegeneration in the common neurodegenerative disease, the Parkinson disease. Base excision repair (BER) is a fundamental DNA repair pathway, the researchers show that altered BER contributes to neuronal loss in Parkinson disease, opening potential avenues on novel drug development targeting on Parkinson disease. Drs. Tanima SenGupta and Konstantinos Palikaras are co-first authors of this paper. Dr. Palikaras has just established his own laboratory as Assistant Professor of Experimental Physiology, School of Medicine, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Athens, Hellas. Congratulations to all!

The paper was published in the international journal CELL REPORTS at

This scientific achievement highlights the role of NO-Age as a hub in fostering international collaboration on fighting pathological ageing and age-predisposed diseases, such as Parkinson disease and Alzheimer disease.

NO-Age news reporter: Evandro F. Fang


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