Success of The 2022 China-Scandinavia Joint Meeting On Ageing Mechanisms and Diseases 

On 22nd Nov 2022, NO-Age at the University of Oslo (UiO, Norway) with Copenhagen University Ageing Centre (Denmark), Ji-nan University (Guangzhou, China), and the Guangzhou First People’s Hospital (China) jointed hosted the ‘The 2022 China-Scandinavia Joint Meeting On Ageing Mechanisms and Diseases’. While Prof. Jon Storm-Mathisen (UiO) gave a keynote speech on the history of the discovery of the key neurotransmitters, the remaining 5 talks had covered a broad range of ageing topics, such as molecular mechanisms of ageing (Christian Riedel, Karolinska, Sweden), DNA damage in ageing (Lene J. Rasmussen, Copenhagen University, Denmark), age-dependent changes of the immune system (Guobing Chen, Ji-nan University, China), progress in the studies of Alzheimer’s disease (Maria Jose Donate Lagartos, UiO, Norway), and the introduction of the status of geriatrics (clinic and education) in China (Feng Liu and Xin Xu, Guangzhou 1st People’s Hospital, China).

The speakers were also discussed other topics, such as tips on the launching of a new ageing journal AGEING RESEARCH (Guangzhou, China, with editor-in-chief Prof. Guobing Chen), suggestions on joint Sino-Scandinavian/Nordic grant applications, and student exchange, among other topics. Prof. Zhenglong Gu (Cornell University and Fudan University) also joined the discussion.

The meeting chairs are Profs. Guobing Chen, Feng Liu, Lene Rasmussen, and Evandro F. Fang.

Video of the meeting is at here.


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